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Where to Keep First Aid Kits at Home & in the Workplace

Where to Keep First Aid Kits at Home & in the Workplace

Theodore Dimitriou |

In the Home 

In a household setting, it’s advisable that first aid kits be kept in locations that are frequently used or in high risk areas. First Aid Kits should always be in close reach to members of the house. Larger houses should contain more than one first aid kit:

  • In a cool, dry location 
  • Out of reach of children
  • In high risk areas such as:
    • The Kitchen
    • The Garage
    • The Shed 
    • The Backyard 

Adult family members, however, should all know where the first aid kit is, and have easy access to it. First aid kits should be well maintained, be in date and each member of the family should know what the first aid kit contains. 


In The Workplace

The Code of Practice provides a checklist of criteria regarding the required contents and correct placement of first aid kits in the workplace. Each workplace has specific requirements as to the First Aid Items that are required. High Risk Workplaces require first aid kits that contain specific items for that workplace. All workplace first aid kits should be: 

  • Kept in a prominent, easily accessible location
  • Accessible to all workers (including those in security-controlled workplaces)
  • In areas with a higher risk of injury/illness

For workplaces that occupy multiple floors, at least one first aid kit should be located on every second floor, with emergency floor plans clearly displaying the location of first aid kits throughout the premises.

Mobile workers such as taxi drivers, couriers and bus drivers should be provided a portable first aid kit to be kept in the vehicle, and secured in a safe location so as not to become a projectile.

The most suitable location to keep a first aid kit, is, however, will always depend on the unique environment of the workplace.